claudia tijman
sculpture in jewellery



Cubas II

89.0 €


105.0 €

Hilos I

79.0 €

Hojas I

79.0 €

Ruedas III

1300.0 €

save one life

105.0 €

Shema bracelet

120.0 €

Silver fish III

420.0 €

Sixties I

89.0 €

Sixties II

220.0 €

This too shall pass

65.0 €


150.0 €

Twist III

95.0 €

I started my first jewellery collection in 1993. And I never thought, when I was studying Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, that I would dedicate myself to creating jewellery. But I did. I call them SCULPTURE IN JEWELS. Many of my pieces are inspired by works of art, because I have designed collections for museum shops in Spain.

Other pieces are simply based on textures that I find in natural elements.

But, all of them, are very studied to be functional and comfortable... I try to be careful with the environment and I recycle a lot.

I hope you like them