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sculpture in jewellery


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Silver stud earrings inspired by a precolumbian design of Condor, handmade.
PIeces modelled in soft waxes and then cast in silver.
The exterior surface is matte, the interior is glossy. Size: 5 cm long, 3.5 cm wide. These earrings are packed in a fancy box. The Andean condor is considered a symbol of spirituality and power for many Andean cultures, and it has also historically populated the territories of South America. It is represented in pottery and fabrics in many precolombian cultures. The Andean condor is a huge bird that is among the largest in the world capable of flight. Given its heavy weight (up to 15 kilograms), even its massive wingspan (3 meters) needs some help to keep it aloft. This is the first design I made when I began working in Jewellery. I don't remember where I told that, but I studied Fine Arts and Sculpture in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And I made this design in Madrid. Here I pay homage to my dear South America.

113,00 €