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This too shall pass

This too shall pass

This too shall pass ring in Spanish. Adjustable silver ring in 3 sizes. Unisex. King Solomon asked his minister, Benaiah, to bring him a ring about how to make a sad man happy and a happy man sad.
Benaiah searched and found "This too shall pass" engraved on a ring.
The Persian Sufi poets Rumi and Fariddudun Attar also tell a similar story.
Size: about 6mm wide
It gets to you in a nice box.

I have engraved this ring in Spanish because I have not seen any in that language.

13 ESPAÑA/ 6 1/2 USA
68.0 €
18 ESPAÑA/ 8 1/2 USA
72.0 €
26 ESPAÑA/ 11 1/2 USA
75.0 €