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Sepharad II

Sepharad II

Sephardic unisex pendant. Image from a basin from the 5th century from Spain, Tarragona. 2 peacocks, tree of life, menorah (candlestick with 7 arms), shofar ( ritual horn ). 925 silver hallmarked
This silver pendant is inspired by a sink that was found in Tarragona, Spain, V Century. It has inscriptions in three languages, Hebrew, Latin and Greek. It has 2 peacocks, a tree of life, a menorah and a shofar. Today this basin is exhibited in MUSEO SEFARDI, TOLEDO, SPAIN. It is 4.5 cm x 1.2 cm. It comes with a leather cord that can be adjusted with a small piece of silver. It gets to you in a trendy box for gifts.

85,00 €